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X-Art Vicky and her blonde friend have a threesome

Vicky and Gary are a happy couple on X-Art. They have always been fond of having threesomes. Not like they aren’t happy and sexually attracted to each other anymore but because to them it’s fun and something they do to spice up their relationship. Well, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea but for others it is. This lovely horny couple has been in love with each other since they were in college. Vicky is a wild woman who loves to have sex and is also a bisexual. Gary knew about this from the beginning even before they started dating. 

At the canteen during college days, Gary approached her and asked if he could date her. She said yes without any hesitation. Things seemed to have been working out so well for both. That’s the time Vicky confessed to Gary how she is and what she does and he didn’t mind it at all.

One day they were at a friend’s house party when Vicky and Gary met this gorgeous, hot woman dressed up in a tight short red dress. Vicky whispered if he wanted to try it out with this gorgeous woman and he said yes. Both were already drunk that night. That’s how he got into this threesome with his now-wife Vicky.

Gary’s birthday will be coming up soon and Vicky was thinking of a surprise for her husband. She wanted something dirty, naughty, and wild. So she thought of booking a stripper for him.

His birthday came. He was at work that time when Vicky called him and asked him to come home immediately because she had a surprise for him. When he opened the door, two horny ladies were right there standing in the living room waiting for him, both looking so sexy and slutty in those lace lingerie matched with high heels. Vicky and the stripper started kissing and touching each other in front of him. That gave him an instant boner. 

Gary ended up completely naked with these two horny girls. They both started playing that hard cock of his. Later on he fucked these two girls’ wet pussy.