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X-Art Alexis and Lutro sex in the kitchen

Meet X-art Alexis and Dave, a good-looking, hot, very wild, and a naughty couple on X-Art. Dave’s natural grey hair did not make him look older or anything. In fact, it even made him look more masculine and handsome. Alexis is a few years younger than Dave. But age didn’t matter for both. The couple seems to be very happy through the years.

They’ve been married for about 3 years now and still manage to get sexy and wild with each other. Their sex life remained active throughout the years of being together. They still have that spark with each other. 

She loves teasing her husband by wearing a dress revealing her sexy ass and not wearing any panties whenever she cooks for him. Horny Dave finds this super hot and sexy. She can’t get any cooking done properly because Dave can’t help but to get aroused and extremely horny. So he went and hugged her from behind, started caressing her, kissed her neck, and revealed one of her sexy tits while fucking her from behind. Continuing by sucking her nipples got her tight fucked pussy even more wet. After that he carried her back on top of the kitchen counter as she opened her legs and then he started licking that hairless pussy. 

He carried her to their bedroom to continue their wild and naughty sex as she was in a doggy position, Dave continued licking her newly waxed pussy while he was also fingering her. He for sure knows how to satisfy his wife. 

After that, she slowly turned around, holding both of her legs up as he slapped her vagina with his super hard curvy bighead dick. She started moaning and screaming as he started fucking her so deep and rough making her squirt a couple of times. She just can’t get enough of Dave’s cock that she kept telling him to keep fucking her so hard. She continued screaming and moaning. Did a few more sex positions until he was about to cum inside her. 

What a hardcore sex that was. They are also known to love threesomes. Check out X-ART for more of their adventures and many other couples.